Hike to behind the Hollywood Sign

Behind the Hollywood Sign

Have you ever wanted to hike to behind the Hollywood sign?  I will tell you how.  If you are going to start at the Deronda gate you can skip down until you see the second map.  So the following picture is the drive going to the Hollywood sign on North Beachwood Dr. which is the easiest way to get up to the sign and to where I parked.

Have you hiked up to the back of the Hollywood sign?  Which route did you take?  Please leave me a comment below.

Hollywood sign from the car

So there are many different places you can start and different places that you can park.  I find that I like to make a little hiking trip out of this.  So I parked at the Lake Hollywood Park.  I also know that way I won’t get a parking ticket parking my car.

Lake Hollywood Sign


This is the route to walk from Lake Hollywood Park to the back of the Hollywood sign

Map to Hollywood sign from Lake Hollywood Park

When you see this sign you are going to go straight right. From Mulholland Hwy to Durand Dr.

Yellow Sign take a right

You will take a left at Heather Dr.  From Heather Dr. you walk to you get to Ledgewood Dr. Below is the picture of Rockcliff Dr. you will walk up the hill.

Walking to the Hollywood Sign

Take it until you get to Deronda Dr. take a left on Deronda Dr.

Walking to the Hollywood Sign

When you get to the Deronda gate, don’t be deterred by the signs saying there’s no access and keypad on the door—it has a timed lock that automatically opens from sunrise to sunset. You can take selfies just inside the park by the Tyrolian Tank, a water tank that offers excellent views, or keep hiking to the top of Mt. Lee.

Deronda gate

Gate with Keypad

The route from the Deronda gate if you start here

But the exact coordinates are 34.130151, -118.319239 which is located right in front of the gate.  But the problem with that is that there is no parking spots there.  So unless you are going to drop someone off there then I wouldn’t drive there.

Click the following link to open up Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/place/34°07’48.5″N+118°19’09.3″W

Map to Hollywood sign from Gate

After you go through the Deronda gate take a left and go to where all of the people are.  This will be your best spot to take a picture of the Hollywood sign from the front of it.

The Gate

View of Downtown LA

When you are walking up to the Hollywood sign on Mt Lee Dr you will come to a 3-way spot.  You need to go to the Mt. Lee Summit to get to behind the Hollywood Sign.

Sign with miles on the trail

So you made it to behind the Hollywood sign.  I had so much fun hiking to the sign I know I will be doing this hike again.

View of Griffith Observatory



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