The Secret Swings in La Jolla

Secret Swing in La Jolla

So I love to find the secret stuff that is in places.  Some people might know about the Secret Swings but not a lot of people do.  With it being in La Jolla I decided to make it a little extra adventure.  So I asked a friend to meet me and we decided to meet for lunch before we started out on the journey.  We meet at a cafe called Caroline’s Seaside Cafe.

The food was really good.  There was a little bit of a wait time to get our food.  But it was on the sign when we ordered so it wasn’t like we were surprised.  The view was also just amazing so it was just great to be able to sit there and relax.  The weather was also great but it is La Jolla so it is almost always great.

View from Caroline's Cafe

Name of Restaurant: Caroline’s Seaside Cafe
Food item called: VEGETABLE PESTO WRAP
Price as of 11/22/2017: $10:50

Wrap from Caroline's Cafe

This picture is taken from the beach below Caroline’s Cafe.

Caroline's Cafe from the beach


Starting the short walk to the parking lot to where the trail to the Secret Swing starts

After the lunch, we started off on our journey to find the Secret Swing.  I was super excited to start heading to the Secret Swings.  I had heard of these swings for over a year and I was finally going to see them.  I heard that the swing was taken down.  Not sure why some people do the things they do.

La Jolla Bridge

View of the Pier from the bridge

La Jolla Bridge


Starting the hike to the Secret Swings in La Jolla

After walking across the bridge and seeing the views of the ocean.  We started up the hill to where the path was going to be for the trail to the Secret Swings.  One way to get to the Secret Swings is to enter from a parking lot.  Below is that you will see at the very beginning of the trail from the parking lot.

Start of the trail to the Secret Swing

The short hike up the hill to the Secret Swings.

Path up the hill to the Secret Swing

This is the view from the short hike up to the top next to where the Secret Swings are.

View at the top of the hill by the Secret Swing

The Secret Swing

Have you been to the Secret Swings?  Was the swing there and when did you visit.  Please comment below,  I would love to hear your story.

Heading back down to the beach and to the pier

After seeing the swings and looking for the other swing in the area without finding it.  We started our walk back to the beach and the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier.

Under the Ellen Browning Scripps Memorial Pier


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