Going south of the US border into Mexico

So I have been going south of the US border for years.  My friends and I just love going there.  There are so many things to see and do.  And the people are so wonderful.  And the Taco’s O the Taco’s.  I can tell you about so many awesome places to get Tacos.  But then there are so many other awesome places to get food. This trip was another one to remember.

After taking down 5 different kinds of tacos and chatting with the locals it was time to drive to the place we were staying. After getting everything unpacked and things set up for the night we decided to just hang out, make a fire and have a couple beers and just enjoy the weather. It then got later and we went into a town called Rosarito to see how the night life was. We walked around town and lots of people out on the streets. There were all kinds of people and everyone was having a great time. You would see Mexicans and Americans all enjoying the night. We decided to have a drink at a bar on the corner of the street where we could talk with people and just have a good time. It was just like it is all of the time, people walking by talking with us and having a great time. Sorry, I don’t have pictures of us out. I didn’t want to be carrying the camera with me.

The following day it was again time to see the sites. And again we decided to have some more tacos. Yes, they are so good I can eat them for more than one day. We stopped at a local place called Charly’s Place. After going upstairs to be seated and the menu brought to us. The bartender/waiter came over and my buddy decided to get a Bloody Mary and then asked if he could make it. The bartender said ya go ahead no problem. So my buddy got behind the bar and made his drink. It’s always so laid back down south. And again the tacos were to die for.

Then there were just two things left to do before we had to head back to the States. First, we had to go to a place called Puerto Nuevo. Yes, the last time I was down there I used too much of my cash I took early. There was something I was wanting to get and one of the vendors let me borrow 20 dollars. So I was going back to pay it back. The guy’s name is Blue, not sure if that is how they spell it but that is how you say it. When he was younger he was a Lucha Libre wrestler. He is such a great guy, we talk to him every time we go down to Puerto Nuevo.

Now the last thing that I needed to do was to buy a couple Mexican Hand Painted Talavera Flower Pots. I think they are just so gorgeous, but if you buy them in the states they are so expensive. So the best way is to bring a couple back with me. There is so many more to pick from and the price is so much better. So the search began.


  1. Sounds like more good times. I need that straw hat. The pottery barn looks amazing. I bet Raquel would spend a paycheck in there.

  2. Don’t even get me started on that pottery. I’d spend a mint on that stuff.

    Also, Greg, your rate of taco consumption is a little low. Maybe throw a few more in there.

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