Mojave Desert – Saving Turtles and seeing all of the sites

The Mojave Desert was so much fun. I have been wanting to visit for about 7 years that I have lived in California. Well, I finally got my chance and wasn’t disappointed at all. Now if you’re not into the desert seen then this place might not be for you. But the day I was there it was just a gorgeous day out.

I was driving south on the 15 coming from Las Vegas when I got to the Mojave Desert. I got off at the Nipton Rd and headed towards Cima because the first place I wanted to see was just north of Cima on Cima Rd. The place was called The Mojave Cross. It was first erected in 1934 in Honor and Memory of all the military who died in any war. There is also some campsites by the Mojave Cross that would be fun campsites to stay at someday. If you would like to know more information about it Click Here Also so you know this is roadside camping.

So I was flying down the road kind of driving over the speed limit but won’t say how fast. And Yes it was in a Prius. Then it happened I looked up ahead on the road. And there was one of the biggest turtles I ever saw crossing the road. I slammed on the breaks got out of the car and ran over to save him/her. I couldn’t tell if it was a he or she, not my area of expertise. So I picked up the turtle and moved it over off the road. But before I left I did have to take a couple of pictures.

I was there at the beginning of May and the flowers were just all over. With this year’s rain, the flowers have been all over California and I have been going to see them. I have been to many different locations like Borrego Springs, Joshua Tree National Park, Carrizo Plain National Monument, Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve State Natural Reserve and Walker Canyon.

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