Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

So I always wanted to go see this balloon fiesta. This is the largest balloon convention in the world. It is hosted yearly and takes place in early October. There really is no way to tell you how awesome this is to see then to really see it in person. It is so awesome, they launch balloons every so many minutes. There are around 600 balloons that launch. It takes hours for all of the balloons to be put into the air.

At 6:30 am they have what is called Krispy Kreme Morning Glow. They let some balloons in the morning launch before it gets light out. So that you can see them light up the skies.

After finding a parking spot and getting inside the event. We walked around to look at all of the balloons and take pictures.

At 7:00 am what is called Mass Ascension. This is where they start launching all of the balloons into the air. Here are some of the pictures that I took of this spectacular event.


This is a 360 picture so if you’re on a phone move your phone around. ¬†If you’re using a computer, press the picture with your mouse cursor and move the picture around.


Click on an image to see them full size.

At night around 6:00 pm they do a night glow. We didn’t go into the balloon Fiesta but we tried to find a place along the road to be able to see it. We drove around and never really found a spot, they had all the roads blocked off so people couldn’t see. I pulled into a gas station that had a really great view but they weren’t letting anyone stay unless they were getting gas. Then I saw some people watching from behind a building that was at the gas station facing the balloon. I ran over and asked how they got to be able to sit and watch. The one lady said here twin was the security guard. I said do you think she would let me park and take some pictures. She said so ask her, her name is Pam. So I walked over to Pam and I sweet talked her. She said ya go ahead but just for like 5 minutes. I went back and got my car from the gas station. Then moved and parked behind the building. We then walked over and took some pictures and Pam came and talked to us and we ended up talking about the balloon fiesta and she told us cool things about the event and we left after about 15 minutes and say thanks so much. It so great what you can get if you’re just nice and friendly.

If you would like to check out the Balloon Events  website Click Here.

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