Fireworks at the Annual Big Bay Boom

Big Bay Boom Fireworks on July 4th 2017

So the fourth of July is here.  I decided to see the fireworks in town this year and not take a trip.  So there are lots of choices in the San Diego area.  But we decided to do the biggest one and it is called Big Bay Boom July 4th Fireworks Show.  We decided to go to Shelter Island to watch the fireworks. This would be my second time going.  But the first time I’m not totally sure I would call it a fireworks show.  So in 2012, there was a fireworks show that went awry.  If you would like to see a video of that event Click Here.

Shelter Island Big Bay Boom Fireworks on July 4th 2017

There were about 7000 fireworks that were intended for a 17-minute display.  The fireworks went off for about 17 seconds.  The fireworks discharged prematurely and all four barges went off the same way. The fireworks are triggered by a computer, and the premature discharge was blamed on a corrupted computer file. The good thing was that there were no injuries.  The people on the barges took shelter in a metal shelter designed for their protection just in case something like this happens.  Garden State Fireworks who put on the show apologized and they promised to do a future show for free.

Big Bay Boom Fireworks on July 4th 2017 Big Bay Boom Fireworks on July 4th 2017

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