Camping on the beach at Lake Powell

So we were having trouble finding a spot to stay at because Page Arizona was having a marathon in town and everything was full. But we needed to find a place close to Page because we were going Kayaking on the Colorado River to Horseshoe Bend. We finally found out that you could go out and stay at the beach at a place called Lone Rock Beach Primitive Camping. It was starting to get late and it was dark but not totally dark the moon really lite up the place. So driving down the sand we tried to find a place along the water but everyone had taken all of the spots. So after driving around, we decided to just find a spot somewhere in the middle. We ended up parking and setting up camp next to some really fun people.

So we ended up talking to the neighbors and we decided to make a fire. And not totally sure how it happened but we decided to make a new game. And I’m not saying anyone should do this. But we decided to make up a game to see how many pieces of wood we could stack up.

After all of the fun times were had and everyone was getting tired. We decided to go to bed. But I was luck and I woke up early to an awesome sunrise. It was gorgeous and so peaceful. No one was up and I just enjoyed the nature and the scenery. Was such a great place to camp and it only cost like 14 dollars. O I will be back.

And just so you can see how big the beach and the camping was. This will show some.

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