Trying to see Chaco Culture National Historical Park the day after a monsoon.

Well, I guess I won’t see Chaco Culture National Park this trip. But can’t say I didn’t try. I have to say big THANKS to my new friend Roland. So I was driving down a dirt road heading to Chaco and I knew there was a monsoon the day before but I grew up in the country and I could drive in some dirt and mud. So I continued up the dirt road. It wasn’t too bad there were some mud and water puddles but they were easy to get by. So I drove just over a half mile and then it happened. I was going over a hill at about 20 – 25 MPH and I got to the top and there was no turning back. I had to do my best. Well, the road was just mud with clay. And with the slant of the road to the right, there was only one way that my car was going to go. And then the car stopped.

So I did the forward-backward & forward-backward & forward-backward for awhile and I was so close but the clay just gripped the cars wheels way to good. So I was way out in BFE and I didn’t think I would have phone service but I did have one bar. I’m like O ya AAA is about to get a call. So I get out my card and I dial the number on the line. Someone answers, I’m saved. So I tell the lady everything that has happened where I’m at and she says can you hold. I say Yes, after a couple of minutes she gets back online and says sir. Sorry, but the tow truck won’t come out that far. I’m like what OMG now what I’m I going to do. So I thought and then I was like I’m close to Chaco and they will have rangers and they will come help me. So I tell the lady thanks and I look up the number for Chaco National Historical Park and I dial. Again someone answers and I’m like I’m saved. I explain what has happened again to the gentleman and he says sorry sir we don’t have anything to be able to come out and help you. And again I’m like OMG now what. So I say thanks and hang up.

I’m having such a great trip I’m really not even upset about the situation. But I do have to find a way out. So again I do the forward-backward & forward-backward & forward-backward for awhile and again so close but still can’t get out. Then I see a truck coming from the Chaco direction. The man is a local and I can tell he doesn’t want to help but he knows I need it. So he has a rope in the back of his truck but it’s not a good rope. But we try it. We hook it up and Roland gets in his car and starts to drive and the rope breaks. Oh crap now what. He says I do have a shovel. So we dig out the mud in front of my car and then pull up a little and try getting out. The car still won’t get out of the clay mud. So we keep moving the car and picking up the clay mud and getting the mud away from the car. Then after over an hour almost 2 hours, I back up and I’m able to get to the middle of the road. I continue to drive backward all the way up and around the corner. Then I drove backward almost a quarter mile until it was safe for me to be able to easily turn the car around. Then when I got to the main road this is what the car looked like.

I’m glad I’m positive I’m still laughing out loud. OK now, which way do I go. Hope your day is as fun as mine. Yep, I went mudding in a Prius. How many can say that?


  1. My favorite kind of adventure. The image of your flops in the mud is priceless.. adventure is just over the hill from too far.

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