Do you have any fears while traveling solo?

I don’t have any fears while traveling solo anymore.

But it wasn’t always like that.  When I first started traveling I was a big planner.

I would make sure that I had the whole trip was planned.  The way I was driving, the places I was staying & what I was doing during the trip.

But after time I got to where now I just try and find places I want to see on my trips and have a little plan on what way I will be driving.  But I don’t have any places to stay or anything ready.  I remember going into the North Cascades National Park and I was driving into the park just after 11 pm at night.  I ended up looking at many different campsites before I found the one I stayed at which I found around 12:30 at night.  But I was getting really close to sleeping in my car.

But if you have any fears, please don’t let them stop you from getting out and seeing new things.  Just start out slow and it will get easier.

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