Do you always travel solo?

I don’t always travel solo but I don’t mind traveling solo.  I would really say that I’m just happy traveling.  There are differences with traveling with others than traveling solo.

Reasons why traveling solo is the best.

  1. You make all of the plans
  2. You get “Me Time”
  3. You make new friends while traveling along.
  4. Traveling solo will boost your traveling confidence
  5. You will just learn things about yourself

Reasons why traveling with others is the best

  1. You get to experience travel with someone.
  2. They might see or know something and point it out to you.
  3. After the trip, you will have great stories to talk about.
  4. You will become closer with that travel buddy
  5. You have each others backs if something happens.

But either way, if you travel solo or with someone.  Just plan that trip and get out and have a blast.

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