Tombstone, Az where the famous shooting at the O.K. Corral happened.

So I was driving west on Highway 10 and I was about 46 miles east of Tucson, Arizona. I was heading to Tombstone, Arizona where the famous O.K. Corral shooting happened. I always heard about Tombstone and was excited to see it. But I also didn’t have a place to stay yet. But that is nothing I’m not used to. So I got into town and I checked my phone for places and I found this awesome hotel called Wyatt’s Hotel. I got lucky I got the last room they had. And I think they only had 3 rooms total.

So I paid and went to the car to get my stuff took my stuff to the room to find out that the room wasn’t cleaned. Now it wasn’t really dirty or anything but I thought I should go down and let them know. When I started downstairs the person from the front desk was coming up the stairs. She said she just found out they didn’t clean it and I was letting her know it wasn’t cleaned. So I said I would still love to stay that maybe if they give me sheets and take a couple of dollars off the bill I would be great. She went downstairs and called her dad who owned the place and he said ok and they gave me back 50 dollars. I was so happy, ended up not paying much for the hotel room. I stayed in the room where you see the sign that says WYATTS.

So now it was time to go see the town and just walk around. There was a lot to see and I just picked a direction and started walking. But I knew I wanted to see the location of the O.K. Corral shooting. The town isn’t big so it was pretty easy to find. So I was where the famous shooting of the O.K. Carroll happened. Well not exactly, it really happened more by Fremont St. Or that is what we were told when I took the tour.

While I was walking down the main street which is E Allen St. I was approached by someone selling tickets to a gunfight show. I thought it sounded fun and to be able to watch it in Tombstone was even better. So I got my ticket and headed towards the show.

After the show, it was time to head around town. So I found a map and looked to see what I thought was the most exciting places to see. I found Wyatt Earps house, so I started in that direction. It was in great condition and awesome to see. They even put up a statue of Wyatt Earp.

Then it was time to walk down the main street. There was a lot of stores and places to see. So I saw a Saloon named Big Nose Kates and I loved the name I just had to go check it out. So I walked in and there was a spot at the bar and I decided it would be fun to have a drink. So I talked to the bartender who asked what I wanted and I alway try and get something local and she told me of a beer that they only make for Big Nose Kates Saloon. You can find more information about this beer here.

After spending some time in Big Nose Kates and meeting some pretty awesome people it was time to see more of the town. Just some great history to see while you walk around town.

I then did a tour with a tour guide. I learned a lot about the town and it was fun walking around hearing all of the stories. After the tour, I headed back to my hotel. But there was another Saloon right next door to my hotel so I decided to stop in and talk to some locals. I’m so glad I did. This Saloon was really just filled with local people and not tourist which is how I like it. I had such a great time. I meet many people here and heard lots of stories. One of the people named Doug was great to talk to he was known for making some of the best BBQ sauce and BBQ around. After talking I gave him a little cash and he sent me some in the mail. It really was some of the best BBQ sauce I have had. We talked on the phone and I can’t wait to go back and have some of his real BBQ. Another lady was the daughter of a famous author and I so wish I could have remembered the author’s name. But when I find it out I will update this post. Then the last person looked totally like someone famous. In the comments can you name who he looks like.

So the next morning I got up feeling good. Such a great day in Tombstone the day before. Love seeing the sites and meeting the locals. But there were just a couple places left that I wanted to see before I had to start heading back towards home. I was lucky and the place I wanted to see was on my way out of town. I wanted to see the Boothill Graveyard. It was where all of the people from the O.K. Carroll fight and Wyatt Earp were buried.

This trip to Tombstone was a blast I recommend it to everyone. All ages.

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